Monday, August 26, 2002

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I follow a lot of blogs. War Now is one that I until recently thought of as well reasoned. While Alley Writer Yack has been one I found irritating for its at times overly zealous stances on what our reaction to the war on Terror should be. I read it any way. But I stop to watch car accidents too.

So when Bruce and his brother Murray decided that enough was enough and Alley needed a slap down, I was thinking, "Alley is about to get stomped." With my typical morbid curiosity I looked forward to what I expected to be a one sided exchange. It was one sided, just not to the side I expected.

Let's back up a few days, because all of this started in a not quite related and more minor slap down.

Bruce took offense that Alley was teaching his daughter what he considers the truth about 9/11, our relationship with the Muslim world the way the NEA wants to teach American kids about all of this.

I confess, I saw Alley's views as a bit harsh. Not necessarily wrong, but harsh. I was looking forward to seeing what Bruce thought we should be teaching our kids about 9/11 and Muslims. But that never came. Bruce used his blog to call Alley some names. His brother Murray used the comments to condemn Alley as a radical, and not one word relevant to what they originally attacked him for was ever mentioned.

Alley proved better able to defend his views. I thought, surely this is a freak occurrence. I mean, Bruce is a professional writer and educated. Alley is, well, Angry White Trash. Hey, he calls himself that.

So imagine my delight when Bruce starts another smack down. This one was because of Alley's over the top opinion that Robert Goldstein, the guy who plotted to kill Muslims here in America, was a hero rather than a villain.

I thought, now Alley is really gonna get it, and he's asked for it, too.

But what did Bruce and Murray do? They stayed on the low road. Much to my surprise. Also to my surprise Alley's responses were reasoned, logical and convincing.

He didn't convince me that we as individual citizens should commit acts of terror, but he did convince me that the U.S. and Israel should take the kid gloves off and play by the same no holds barred rules as our enemies.

How was this possible? Again I was stunned. It shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't even have been possible. Yet there it was.

But wait, there was more to come. Bruce promised that the result of Alley's impudence in angering the brothers would be "invariably fatal". He promised us a response that would be devastating and violent.

I thought, "Ah ha! They're really going to unload now! This'll be a good one"!

When they finally posted this "invariably fatal" masterpiece it was not in any way a rebuttal of a single word that Alley had said. What they posted instead makes Alley look at almost saintly.

They proved unable to defeat Alley in an open and what I thought was friendly debate between blogs. It was also no surprise that Alley proved far more effective when it came to time to lob insults back in the other direction. But that combined with his reasoned responses proved too much for Bruce and his brother.

So what did they do? It seems that they conspired with a third blog to dig up Alley's personal information, and then spread this information with the stated intent that they and this other blog hoped that someone would injure of murder Alley.

Is this the response of men who are unafraid of views that oppose their own? Not by any measure that I can think of. This is more the response of a high school bully when the nerd he's picking on has proven to be more intellectually nimble than the bully had expected.

Bruce and Murray claim to be offended by Alley's rhetoric claiming that he supports the killing of Muslim civilians, including children. Yet they actively scheme to see him come to harm because he dared defend himself, successfully I think, against the attack that they themselves initiated.

Cowards and bullies like Bruce and Murray are always far more offensive than hyperbole and hyperbole is clearly what Alley's statements were.

Alley is repulsive in thought. But Bruce and Murray are repulsive in deed. Which seems more evil to you?

I was a high school geek. I got picked on a lot in school and was never very popular. So you can see how I might have an interest in the whole bully phenom here on the web. I won't be updating very often. Just when I see something that looks like bullying, which is in the end a cowards act and repressible in its own.
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